FAUST & COMPANY is home to the art of Mark Schneider, a full time freelance custom mask and monster maker, sculptor, mold maker, concept artist, prop fabricator and painter living and working in Portland, Oregon, USA.

His custom mask and prop creations have been seen in Tv shows (Grimm, The Librarians), films (Power of the Heart, Kaiju Fury, the Hudson Tribes), ballet and theatre productions (Grand Rapids Ballet/Chris Van Allsburg's The Nutcracker), festivals (BurningMan, Fairieworlds, LIB), theme parks (The Enchanted Forest), conventions and private collections around the world.

Working primarily in Creature Cast Rubber (a neoprene based material he co-developed), Mark designs and creates all of his custom mask work by hand from the ground up at his underground Portland studio.

2020 promises several fresh avenues of expression from his Faust & Company studio.  Expect many new original mask designs, several new theme park creations, a line of articulated rubber and plush toys, jewelry, collectible mini masks and busts, prints, t-shirts, fridge magnets, stickers and some exciting surprises as well.

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In the U.S. you have to be a deviant or die from boredom
— William S. Burroughs