Medusa for TNT's The Librarians

Last fall I had the honor and pleasure of crafting a severed Medusa head for the Season finale of TNT's The Librarians (aired Jan.22, 2017).  I was given artistic license to go wild, though I only had about 7 days to make a finished piece (TV show turnarounds are notoriously short).  

After putting together a piece of concept art in Photoshop, I went right to work sculpting the head in WED clay (a water based clay developed by the Walt Disney Company).  I spent about 3 days sculpting before making a brush on silicone glove mold, backed by a urethane plastic mother mold for support.  I got lucky in that the silicone was stretchy enough to pull it over the sculpture without having to cut it.

Into the silicone mold I poured impact resistant urethane plastic tinted grey and slush cast the inner surface.  Then I backed the plastic with a layer of rigid urethane foam for structural stability and impact resistance.  Again, very lucky that I was able to remove the silicone mold without cutting it.

I crafted a handle on the back of the head to look like the body of one of the snakes using armature wire, aluminum foil, and Apoxie Sculpt.

Once I had sanded the edges and primed the piece with a grey auto body primer, I painted it with acrylic paint (both with traditional brushes and airbrush).

I then wired the head with LED eye lights, an on/off switch built into the handle, and a 9 volt battery to power it.

The head can be seen for a brief period in the first few minutes of the show, though it is lightly augmented with CGI snake motion and lighting.  Please enjoy!